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November 2018

LHAG update 20181130: MAVCOM Publishes Guidelines on Voluntary Notification Regime for Anticipated Mergers and Mergers Under MACA 2015

LHAG update 20181130: Conditional Sale of Estate Land is Not Illegal

LHAG update 20181130: First Decision in Malaysia Relating to Judicial Management Under Companies Act 2016

LHAG update 20181129: Legal Risk of a Scathing Letter of Reference

LHAG update 20181126: Integrity in the Banking Industry — Submitting a False Claim

LHAG update 20181123: Employees Not Entitled to Consultation Before Retrenchment

LHAG update 20181123: Chargee’s Delay May Bar Auction of Charged Property

LHAG update 20181122: Extension of Period for Tax Incentive for Issuance of Sukuk Ijarah and Wakalah

LHAG update 20181122: Dismissal for Making a Secret Profit

LHAG update 20181122: Unlocking a Deadlock with Derivative Action

LHAG update 20181119: Last-Minute Injunction to Restrain Sale by Mortgagee

LHAG update 20181116: Leave to Commence Bankruptcy Against Guarantor

LHAG update 20181116: New Business Linkage Platform

LHAG update 20181114: Update for Property Owners

LHAG update 20181112: Industry4WRD

LHAG update 20181112: Losing Before You Begin: Imprecise Arbitration Clauses

LHAG update 20181109: New Rules on Construction Solid Waste Management

LHAG update 20181108: Resignation of Company Secretary

LHAG update 20181107: Budget 2019 — Update for Housing Developers

LHAG update 20181102: Dismissal for Failure to Declare Position on Conflict of Interest