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January 2019

LHAG update 20190130: Letter of Credit: Notice of Refusal Must Comply with Art 16 UCP 600

LHAG update 20190129: Freighters, Not Fakers

LHAG update 20190128: Rebalancing the Scales: Requiring Contractors to Fund a Sub-Contractor’s Arbitration?

LHAG update 20190125: Blazing the Trail: Championing Solar Energy in Malaysia

LHAG update 20190124: Change in Law in Enforceability of Liquidated Damages

LHAG update 20190123: Ignorance of the SOP is Not a Defence

LHAG update 20190123: Stamp Duty on Purchase of Property (Corrected and Updated on 17 APRIL 2019)

LHAG update 20190122: The “Old” Tort of Detinue

LHAG update 20190118: Taking the Fight against Corruption to Commercial Organisations

LHAG update 20190117: Social Security for Foreign Workers

LHAG update 20190117: Employment Insurance for Foreign Workers

LHAG update 20190115: Contract for Services or Contract of Service?

LHAG update 20190115: Waiver in the Context of a ‘Draft’ Agreement

LHAG update 20190114: Revised Prospectus and Equity Guidelines

LHAG update 20190114: Partnership Liable for Wrongful Act of a Partner

LHAG update 20190109: Stamp Duty Relief for Transfers Between Associated Companies

LHAG update 20190109: Copyright vs Trade Mark

LHAG update 20190107: Charitable Non-Profit Organisation Can Be Compensated for Loss of Reputation and Goodwill in Trade Mark Infringement Case

LHAG update 20190104: Responsibility and Accountability of Senior Management

LHAG update 20190104: Copyright Infringement: What a Coincidence, or Is It?